Search Engine Optimization, Is Really The Future Of Internet Marketing

In this age when internet has changed the entire scenario, people prefer two things above all else: Convenience and Speed. While it was true in the 90s that people came online to “surf the internet”, this is not the case anymore. Now, people prefer search engines, wherein they type their specific query (in the search tab of the search engine) and visit only those websites which the search engine displays as most relevant. So in order to drive traffic to your website and get it ranked high, Search Engine Optimization must be used as it increases the relevancy that the search engines look for.

Now what is SEO and why it’s most important for internet markets in the long run will be discussed later on in this article. Let us first understand the mechanism of a Search engine, how internet marketers benefit from it, and how SEO techniques are used to enhance a website’s prominence in the internet business world.

How do Search Engines work?

Search Engines like Google and, which bring back results within nanoseconds, cannot work this fast if they truly start looking for the searched phrase or word throughout the internet database. It is possible, but it will take days before your search is complete. So how do these search engines work as fast as they do? With the help of Keywords!

Keywords are specific words which search engines pick out of the content of thousands of websites that correlate with the most searched terms on the said search engine. So whenever someone carries out a search, search engines immediately refer to their database of keywords and search for a match, and the matching websites are returned back to the user.

The order in which these websites are returned depends upon:

1)       The number of times the keyword appears within the content

2)       The popularity of the website, at the same time

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization


Internet marketing is just like any other marketing in general; it aims to find out the needs of the consumer and then attract them by providing exactly what they need. The only difference exists within the medium. The source for finding out consumer needs on the internet is seldom surveys. However a much more convenient method of carrying out marketing research is the medium your consumers will use to get to your product i.e. Search Engines.

Search engines often times may provide you with a list of most popular keywords that users use. It is an internet marketer’s primary and only reliable source of carrying out marketing research if the business is entirely internet based. The job of internet marketers is to drive traffic to the website, and that is why these keywords are their only source to optimize the website for search engines so that it appears as high up as possible to get the consumer’s attention.

Search Engine Optimization is an internet marketer’s most favorite tool. It is more of a process than a tool, but can be regarded as both. What it entails is the use of keywords, at least 4-5 per every 500 words of the website content(like in this article or this). We already know about the source of these keywords, so it is really an easy process. The only matter to be concerned about is choosing appropriate keywords which fit in with the content, and to have as much content on the website as possible.

Search Engine Optimization and the Future

SE Optimization has become a necessity now and should be declared compulsory for all internet marketers if they want to survive in the future. With the invention of smartphones and ultrabooks, speed is everything. Statistics show that most people do not even bother going to the second page of the search result anymore. Why? Because they no longer have the time to look around!

Another reason why search engine optimization is the key to the future of internet marketing is the ever growing popularity of social media. People now prefer connecting over the internet than in real life, spending hour after hour everyday on the internet. So now is the time to work on your internet business, and there is no better way to increase your business’s popularity than SEO. Because either you get your website at the top spot, or lose all hope of being recognized at all in this ever growing internet market.

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